There exist a number of solutions for pursuing unethical factories. Use these independently or as part of a series of measures to put pressure on factories to do the right thing.

  • Initial Contract
  • Additional Contracts mid order
  • Quality Control
  • Staff Pressure on the ground
  • Legal Assistance
  • Chambers Of Commerce
  • Local Police Involvement
  • Community Support from other Factories
  • Trade Shows - hit their marketing
  • Online Campaign
  • Debt Collection Agencies in China
  • Others....

Send us case studies on how you use each of the above and methods which have yielded most results.

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  1. SHANDONG HAOWEIS PLASTIC AND RUBBER CO.LTD, is one of the companies that should be part of China's blacklist. We are a company that order from him HDPE virgin granules and received sand. Be careful and stay away from this company


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